Are you a 7-figure woman stuck in a 5- or 6- figure grind? LET’S CHANGE THAT

Please only apply if you’re committed to being a game changer.


Powerful women are

and making 6 to 7 figures on repeat…
will you be one of them?

All that’s missing from this proven and repeatable system is your divine femme
magic and willingness to bank on yourself, gorgeous.


If you’re here, you’re ready to hear the truth...
And the truth is that you’re sitting on a


No matter your niche, your industry, or your expertise, you can both SERVE and MAKE millions—in the smartest and most fulfilling way possible.

And with the right systems, strategy, and deep support, scaling with significance, soul, and sanity is practically inevitable.

Making money online is
an art, and you need to master it.

It’s time to leverage your brilliance and scale with sublime soul… at the speed of light!

So what does it really take?

Sovereign leadership of yourself, your business, and your financial future.


It’s not enough to ‘stand out’ if you can’t TAKE A STAND AND MOVE OTHERS INTO ACTION.

It’s not enough to ‘speak up’ if you can’t USE YOUR VOICE TO SELL AND SERVE.






Here’s how most people live their lives:
  • Suffer…
  • Suffer…
  • Suffer…

Die. Harsh? I don’t think so.



becomes financially empowered,

she changes the world.

Now get ready because I’m going to share EVERYTHING I know and have learned and mastered with you.

With 7-Figure Divamind,

you’ll be able to:



Heck, you could be making $20K a month…

And still be trading your adrenals for the knock-off version of ‘abundance’.

The world needs more empowered and wealthy women.

Women who aren’t burned out.

Women who aren’t emotionally and financially wigged out!

Women who have boundaries and aren’t afraid to be BOLD.

I only work with loving, passionate, ethical, whip-smart, courageous, fierce, spiritual, and visionary implementers—or as I like to call you: actionistas!

If that’s you, then welcome, darling.

You’re in the perfect place.

To achieve more by doing less, you have to crack the code to working smarter.

I’m talking about building your business working from nourishment and divine feminine power... with time for you and time for your loved ones, minus the chronic hustle and excess force. #screwthepatriarchy

I’ve figured out how to do this for myself, and my clients have proven I’m not some lucky b*tch who stumbled into a multimillion-dollar fortune.

Are you ready to discover how I help my clients quantum leap into a heck load more dosh and impact with stellar strategy and GRACE… in half the time, while working half as much?

The Era of the Divine Femme

My empire wasn’t handed to me on a silver platter,

But 7-Figure Divamind is the closest you’re going to get to having a golden plan to consistent cash flow and influence as a leader in your own right…. working LESS not more.

Would you put on your big girl panties and get moving if it meant you would be able to sell an additional $50,000 to $100,000 each month like my clients are doing?

There’s not a course on the planet that’s going to “SAVE” you… you’ve got to be willing to do the work.

Success is just steps away when you have a proven path to follow, fierce emotional resilience, and top industry experts to support you.

The time has come for you to EXPAND, SHINE, SPEAK UP, AND SERVE DEEPLY without the grind unless it’s the good kind.

If you’re really ready to create a sustainable business, then 7-Figure Divamind is your golden ticket.

Here’s what I want you to know, gorgeous:

you don’t have to sacrifice your health, sanity, and relationships to attune to your divinity and attract money, abundance, and love.

I invite you to stop fighting against abundance unconsciously and instead embody it consciously.

Allow it to flow.

The struggle is your creation.
Salvation is your creation.
It’s all of your choosing.

It’s time to rise into impact, riches, and radical self-care.

their video stories here:

Talented woman,
it’s time to take divine action


If this is you, you’re in for the ride of your life.

Because beyond the “four walls” of your online empire and down to every cell in your being, this program will, without a doubt, change your life as you:

Ready to

own your brilliance, rise into sovereign financial power, and

change the world?

We have limited spots available and only allow serious boss divas into our sacred group.


It’s time to turn panic into your divine power and prosperity and

Here’s why you’re perfectly poised to grow your business at the speed of light…

Even if it seems like sh#t is hitting the fan right now, don’t freak out; instead, get sold out!

This is the perfect time to leverage a $325 billion online education, coaching, and consultancy market.

Healers, mystics, and visionary leaders are needed more than ever right now.

We’re in the midst of a major ascension period.

This is a time of death and rebirth... of a new economy, a new you, and a new way of working and making money.




After all, you’ve got bills to pay and a life to live.

So what will it be, diva? FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE or f*cking yourself over?

The reason it’s so black-and-white to me is that I see no other way for women to become truly independent and influential in this world. If there was, I’d be teaching THAT.

We’re entering the Online Education Era, and right now you have the opportunity of a lifetime to turn the skills you already have into an online business that changes lives and gives you REAL security, freedom, and purpose.

If you solve someone's problems, you’ll always get paid. Always.

At Ingrid Arna, we stand for the political, social, and economic empowerment of

all women.


We mean business when it comes to moving your life’s work out of your dreamscape and into reality, without sacrifice or shame.

It’s going to take AMBITION—which isn’t a dirty word around here.

You’re going to need to work with the divine feminine.

And you’re going to need fierce strategy, leadership, and the know-how to monetize the heck out of your message.

Our job is to guide you into your greatness and show you the path to financial strength and sustainable and scalable cashflow.

This is the day you STOP working so hard as you completely realign your business, so you’re financially, spiritually, and emotionally compensated for your transformational work.

I know you hear the call to rise.

But here’s the brutal truth:

What most coaches are saying you should do to grow your business doesn’t work. Period.

It may get you to 6 figures (with a whole lot of hustle and headache), but it won’t get you much further than that.

How you do business at $100K is a completely different strategic paradigm to earning 7 figures.

And to go to the next level, both personally and professionally, you need to master a different mindset and business strategy.

This new paradigm isn’t just about marketing and money.

It’s about living the new archetype of a successful woman where we celebrate and honor the divine feminine. It’s about getting support structures in place, so you can focus on working in your zone of genius.

It’s also about serving at your highest potential.

You simply cannot have the impact you desire if you’re burned out, exhausted, or trapped in the day-to-day operations of your business.

Your upleveling requires a whole new relationship with money, energy, emotional IQ, self-care, pleasure, rest, and soul alignment balanced with streamlined systems, strategy, and

sales processes.

I know this because it’s how I was able to go from low 6 figures to high 6 figures in just 8 months, and then double that again in 6 months with a baby on my hip.

If you want to become rich, you MUST learn to sell with pure heart—and without wanting to puke all over your Jimmy Choos.

How did I do it? I owned my voice and got as strategic as all heck.

Now I want to help you do the same.

I invite you to STOP working so hard and START building a life and business that will truly light you up.


who we are is a nightmare.

If you’re a queen diva and warrior vixen, you can’t be freaking Cinderella or a damsel in distress!

You have to be all that you are in every moment, or you die a little more with each and every breath.

This goes way beyond making more money.

It’s about working with grace and aligning with your personal power as you share your divine message with impact—sacrifice-free!

Well-behaved women rarely make history.

If you want to seriously grow your wealth, 7-Figure Divamind will enable you to ramp up your income with advanced strategy, systems, sisterhood, and soul.

This is your permission to free yourself from illusion and dissolve the patriarchal business model to rock making money while serving at your highest potential—all this while in alignment with your soul and with double the flow, fierceness, and fun.

You have a message to share, and you know you need to break free from hard core hustle and hiding yourself from your potential clients and customers.

If you’re over the suffering, exhaustion, and overwhelm that so many brilliant entrepreneurs face, you have to change what you’re doing right now.

Let me tell you, the quickest way to clarity and cash is to tap into what has already been proven to work online.

You wouldn’t try to build your own Tesla just because you wanted an electric car, would you?

Then why would you hustle, grind, and grovel to build your online empire when the most grace-filled, self-honoring, and rich way to do it has already been figured out for you?


7-Figure Divamind promises to reconnect you to your inherent power, allowing you to truly show up, shine, and close sales from a place of love, power, and service. If you follow my lead and commit to doing the work, you’ll be able to significantly grow your income by becoming a powerful leader, grounded in your message and gifts.

This is your sacred invitation to shift from burned out to booked out, divine woman, as you shine your light brighter than ever before.

Whether your business has painfully stalled at six figures or your bank account is back in overdraft for the third month in a row,

7-Figure Divamind is the remedy.


Here’s a short list of the content we’ll cover together to ensure that cash begins to flow for you:

  1. 7-Figure Sales Goddess: Comprehensive advanced sales coaching will guide you through your entire sales strategy, positioning you to sell out your digital offers and/or your masterminds, retreats, and private programs.
  2. 2. Automation and funnels: Learn how to set-up automated systems to build a community that buys from you every single day.
  3. 3. Million Dollar Messenger: Own your message, build a tribe, and change the world by unleashing and sharing your heart, truth, and divine power. Without the ability to truly stand in your message, growing your business and living from your soul purpose will be nearly impossible. As soon as you unleash your message, there are no limits for your business, your income, or your life. When you own your message, the impossible becomes possible, as you connect, inspire, and lead millions.
  4. 4. Gifted: This process is a sacred soul system that will allow you to truly own and clarify your genius and purpose. It requires a healing journey that is both gentle and profound, as you begin to release all beliefs, stories, and illusion that have kept you from owning, unleashing, and embodying the wisdom of your GIFT. The Gifted process will ensure you build a business that's in alignment with your soul’s true values {and thus dissolve all distraction and energetic drains}, so you can unleash immeasurable impact on a global audience from a place of fierce femme power and nourishment. For you, my divine friend, are GIFTED.
  5. 5. Va-Va-Voom Video Vixen: Discover exactly how to own your voice and stand in your power to connect with your audience and sell to them with HEART.
  6. 6. Organic Client Attraction: This system will show you how to drive traffic and sales without it costing you a cent. This is what we call our ‘NO COST CLIENT ACQUISITION’ system. It’s life changing.
  7. 7. 7-Figure Webinar Diva: The perfect system to sell out your offers with ease and make more money than you ever have before {without drinking tequila to drown your fear}.
  8. 8. The Psychology of a 7-Figure Brand: Learn how to stand out, establish trust, and become a market leader by unleashing the power and message of your brand.
  9. 9. CEO Diva Coaching Ascension: Let’s uplevel your coaching skills! You’ll become a super sassy coaching master and activate your genius like never before. We’ll put the Zen back into your soul and make you glow with confidence, divine intuition, and crystal clear clarity, leaving your clients buzzing with excitement and focus after every session.
  10. 10. Content is Queen: You’ll receive guidance and support in creating all the worksheets, exercises, questionnaires, and rituals that are needed for your signature program. As you create your program, you’ll evolve and transform. You’ll be guided each step of the way to tap into your divine intelligence, giving you the mojo you need to truly OWN your wisdom and share it with divine STRENGTH, COURAGE, and LOVE.
  11. 11. Energy Goddess Clearing: The healing work that you’ll receive will be vital to your success. I’ll take you through guided visualizations, potent priestess clearings, and divine healing rituals to inspire you to release all that is NOT truly abundant in your life. Together, we’ll rewire your thinking and, in doing so, completely shift your energetic and emotional energy systems. When you clear your fears and release your subconscious beliefs, you’ll become a magnetic, abundant Diva. Unless you clear the junk in your trunk, creating success will always put you in an exhausting funk. Who wants that? Not you, CEO Diva.
  12. 12. IP Goddess: You’ll develop your own personal healing, coaching, or business training methodology with our deep support and strategies. This will allow you to step into the leadership position as the go-to Goddess in your field.

A summary of what we’ll cover in the
7-Figure Divamind curriculum:

Sacred Alignment
  • Releasing resistance
  • Good girl detoxing
  • Healing sessions
  • Law of attraction training
  • Money karma clearing
  • Mindset miracles
  • Self-love upleveling
Straight-Up Strategy
  • Copywriting and sales copy feedback
  • Automated funnels
  • No cost client acquisition
  • List building
  • High-ticket enrollment
  • Facebook ad and copy creation
  • 7-figure sales training
And everything in between…
  • Storytelling sessions
  • High-end offer analysis
  • High-end program development
  • Soulmate client attraction
  • Prosperity planning
  • Sold out launch strategy
  • Digital empire building / passive income generation

But 7-Figure Divamind is soooo much more than that.

We’ll cover all elements of the new business paradigm and clear everything that has been standing in your way. You’ll learn the art of business magic and money flow including:

  • Heart-storming to create your lush high-end program

  • Allowing yourself to RECEIVE unlimited WEALTH on all levels

  • Stepping into trust to create your big lush visions

  • Planning and strategy to build revenue

  • Mastering the process of conversion and creating sales funnels to draw in your tribe

  • Developing speaking skills as you learn to fully own your voice

  • Co-creating divine partnerships

  • Uplevelling your personal life for more LOVE and FLOW

  • Becoming an energy and time management Diva

  • Implementing the potent art of client relations and boundary setting

  • Learning how to connect, trust, and follow your own divine wisdom.

As you grow and uplevel, I’ll be there to hold space for you each step of the way.

I’ve got your back, and I won’t let you fail.

get access to:

It’s time to leap into a whole new
mindset, business, and bank balance!

It’s time to leap into a whole new
mindset, business, and bank balance!

  • 4 x 75 minute LIVE group classes on Zoom each month including hot seat coaching and Q&A with Ingrid Arna.

  • Amplified cashflow.

  • Weekly accountability.

  • Advanced business strategy + epic ROI.

  • Deep emotional healing and activation.

  • Lifetime access to digital curriculum

It’s simple. You need to make money now to serve in a much bigger way.

The moment you enter a love affair with the divine feminine for the service you provide is the moment you’ll ignite money, miracles, and momentum into your business and life.

You’ll become truly magnetic to all that you desire because during our sacred time together, you’ll be releasing all the emotions and beliefs that have been sabotaging you for years or even decades. You’ll become a new woman as you remember and reclaim your wisdom and power.

How does it feel having to work 24/7 to build your business while trapped in a cycle of exhaustion and constant worry about how you can uplevel your business without having to work even harder?

You’re thinking… I want to rise into six figures, but there’s no way I can maintain what I’m doing right now!

Say goodbye to that reality forever.

You’re making decent money, but do you still feel trapped in never-ending overwhelm and exhaustion? Well, you can say ‘good riddance’ to that too!

Imagine working twenty hours a week making at least twice as much money, doing what you love—just like my clients are doing right now!

Picture RECEIVING more money in a month than what you’re currently making in a year while working with clients who light you up and are totally committed to themselves and to you. You’ll run programs that thrill your soul in a bigger way than you’ve ever imagined because the programs have been designed in alignment with your passion and true purpose.

This is what is waiting for you when you claim it.

It’s time to release the shame of being wealthy and start charging your worth right now.

I believe it is your highest destiny to be powerful and successful.

I believe your gift to the world starts with owning who you are.

I believe when you fully rock your woo-woo superpowers, you’ll launch into magic and money.

It’s time to unapologetically own the multitude of skills, knowledge, and talent that you’ve accumulated over your life, and finally charge your worth.

You’re an unstoppable and visionary leader who’s ready to skyrocket to six figures and beyond. You can do this.

During the 6-month business school and priestess immersion, you’ll be handed the tools needed to succeed and encouraged to do the streamlined, focused work required to launch your high-end offer, so you can double, triple, or even quadruple your business into a lucrative powerhouse.

As you master the art and magic of self-worth, energy, money, and marketing and own who you are as a divine CEO Diva, you’ll uplevel into the highest version of YOU.

How is this program different
from other business training?

You may have bought training in high-end programs before, and then let them sit on the shelf.

Perhaps you’ve taken a group coaching program, and you didn’t receive the results you anticipated.

Maybe you’re drawn to work with me, but you’re wondering how it’ll be different this time and whether this program will truly deliver on what I promise.

I hear you, and I’ve been there.

It can be hard to trust a new mentor especially when there are a lot of phonies out there. I’ve had many clients decide to work with me after investing in programs with some of the biggest coaches on the planet.

They read heaps of amazing testimonials and wonder why they haven’t had the same success for themselves. I’ll tell you why right now. Simply, not everyone works in the same way. Some people need highly specialized one-on-one support. And to be honest, that’s what most people need. They need love and attention to really grow and thrive.

Most programs on the market offer good content but leave you to your own devices to implement the strategies.

There’s little-to-no accountability and the list of tasks you need to complete is nothing short of overwhelming. They don’t provide deep, soulful guidance and intuitive healing to ensure that you don’t sabotage your efforts.

This is an inside job, darling. Unless you get your head and heart tuned to wealth, your ability to succeed is going to be seriously sabotaged.

That’s why my program works. Because it is highly intensive and filled with connection, love, and attention. We’ll take you from Struggleville to a life filled with ease, pleasure, lifestyle, and freedom.

am I the woman to lead you into

With an extensive background in the healing arts including studies in mind-body medicine, integrative nutrition and eating psychology, I work from a deeply intuitive level.

Coupled with 20+ years of experience in advertising, design, copywriting, finance, and product and content development, I’ve committed my life to developing products and businesses that make a difference.

Over the past decade, I’ve been creating and playfully leading my coaching and design consultancy. My work is a fusion of spirituality, strategy, creativity, and deep emotional work that allows me to secure incredible results for my clients as I balance both traditional business strategies and the mystical magic of the divine feminine.

Step into your power to create your lucrative brand. It will change the world and your life, as you become an empowered woman deeply connected to her value and her purpose.

Here’s what separates me
from other coaches

Soulful coaching; deep insight; advanced strategy; sacred healing; B.S. FREE and loving advice; consistent inspiration with daily, sacred space holding; powerful, intuitive healing; stellar strategy; cheerleading; and a no excuses accountability approach.

Imagine having a daily business strategist to guide you each step of the way—your special person who brainstorms with you to capture your gems, who listens to your fears, teaches you to truly own your talent and takes your messaging, copy, content, Facebook ad strategy, funnels, and videos to a whole new level.

How would it elevate your success if you had a spiritual collaborator who sends you loving, kick-ass—and sometimes tough-love—guidance, and teaches you strategies to make you and your business shine?

How would that impact your journey, and how much would that accelerate your business and personal development? Think about it.

It’s going to be NOTHING short of monumental, and that’s what you deserve.

I promise, I won’t let you fail as long as you show up and shine like only you can, and you do the work. It’s always a sacred process of co-creation.

I’m here to make sure you stop spinning your wheels, so you can shine, soar, and sparkle like the jewel that you are. I will cut through your B.S., validate your decisions, and get you to take inspired action to live your highest potential. And truth be told, I’m more of a creative collaborator and healer—your actionista—than a coach.

If you want to elevate your life super quickly, then I can take you there. The world needs you to show up and own your talent! When you own your gift and charge what you’re worth, you’ll skyrocket into wealth… on every level.

Your investment in 7-Figure Divamind will pay off big time as we mastermind your business ascension into the stratosphere.

Because here’s the deal: sitting on the sidelines, hoping and wishing and complaining and doubting is not a business strategy. You need support. You need guidance, and you need to commit to yourself BIG TIME!

Unless you bank on yourself, you won’t make bank.

How much is it worth to you to not only launch your business but to create a profitable enterprise that serves you and humanity?

How much is it worth to you to have a team from day one to ensure your success?

How much is it worth to you to have immediate kick-ass loving support when you feel crushed by fear just as you’re about to create the success you desire?

Together, we’ll build a revenue model and dynamic offer to launch globally.

Something divinely powerful and limitlessly
is trying to express itself through
you, lifting your life to its highest purpose.


Be honest.

Do any of these situations sound embarrassingly familiar?

  • You’re not attracting enough clients who are willing to invest the big bucks, and it’s driving you crazy.

  • You’re making good money, but you’re still underearning because FIVE OR SIX FIGURES IS NOT FREEDOM.

  • You’re working way too many hours, and you’re exhausted—and it’s beginning to peeve you off!

  • You’re a little bit freaked out (who are you kidding? It’s a shizz-load freaked out) about how to take your business and life to the next level, yet you sense you were BORN for more.

  • You have a message that you’re called to share with the world, but you’re still not really doing it at the level you know you need to.

  • You dream of playing a bigger game with more time for those you LOVE—and more time for you—yet you’re still a hidden gem in your industry.

If this is you, then let me tell you a secret—


You can’t experience epic business growth by staying there.

In fact, you’re only going to sink further into an addiction to being invisible and staying stuck in victim shizz if you don’t make a radical vow to yourself right now to RISE.

Bringing sensuality and feminine power
into business is the key to
scaling, wealth, and wellbeing.
This is where your struggle ends,

Powerhouse Woman.

It ends right here. It’s time to take responsibility for your life and your bank balance.

It simply starts with you owning your inherent power and committing to yourself and your divine calling with complete and unapologetic courage.

Ready to follow these rockstar divas into cashflow and divine service?





The 7-Figure Divamind


Stellar strategy + Spiritual guidance + Sisterhood

The 7-Figure Divamind is a sacred immersion program from another dimension that combines ancient wisdom, divine feminine power, advanced strategy, manifestation principles, and sisterhood.

This new hybrid of teaching and business ascension is like nothing else you’ve experienced previously. 7-Figure Divamind will catapult your mindset, business, and bank balance into another stratosphere, as you learn how to own your power, message, and voice.

7-Figure Divamind will transform the way you work with clients, raise your spiritual mojo, and rewire how you think, sell, present yourself online, and charge for services. Forever.


Inside 7-Figure Divamind, you’ll learn exactly that.

7-Figure Divamind will teach you to:

  • expand your reach and multiply your income while you connect more deeply to your purpose.

  • sell with soul as you fully own your story and your style.

  • launch a global brand and massively leverage your work as you take center stage online.

  • establish strategic systems to give you more time to enjoy your LIFE.

The world is awaiting that special brand of magic only you have to give. The shame, force, and manic hustle must be replaced with streamlined business systems.

no moment more powerful than the moment when a woman chooses to claim her financial power, her soul path and her sovereign voice.


Sometimes we’re not even aware that there’s a better and easier option for us to become rich on every level. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that building your empire can become easier as you make more money, not harder.

Saying that you desire a 6 or 7-figure business but then running yourself into the ground is NOT success.

Creating a life where you can’t be present with your kids, or you get sick every other week, or your marriage is falling apart is NOT success.

From the time we’re little girls, we’re told that certain things will make us happy and successful. And rather than asking our SOUL and p BODY what they want, we run around staying busy, busy, busy—never stopping to look fully inward and listen.

It’s no wonder so many women are depressed, depleted, and one step away from jumping on a plane to Paris never to be seen again!

I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

After years of struggling in my coaching business, I realized that something had to change fast. The stress was killing me. I’d been featured in Vogue, InStyle Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, Forbes, and Body & Soul Magazine, and appeared on The Steve Harvey Show and Fox News. Heck, I was even endorsed by Kate Winslet for my work, yet none of that exposure did much for my bank balance!

I was shattered, overwhelmed, and just freakin’ over the hustle. I had worked in advertising in NYC, raised over $350K for a startup in the Big Apple dealing with the big boys of finance, pitched TV shows in LA with supermodel Carré Otis, worked on the travel show Getaway as a journalist and as a freelance writer for many magazines and newspapers.

But none of this experience translated into making the big bucks in my business until I started to truly value myself as a teacher, healer, and coach.

The truth is that building a coaching and healing empire that sells your knowledge and your soul can be a total and utter head F*CK. Really. You know what I mean right? Let’s have a little laugh about that. Because OMG, it’s like the biggest personal development journey you could ever go on!

It became obvious to me that my beliefs about money and my value were running the show and pretty much costing me everything. I gave birth to my little girl, and something changed in me. I woke up.

I was done with all the struggle! SO DONE.

In that moment, I increased my fees by 500%, detoxed my stinky thinking, upped my spiritual mojo, overhauled my sales strategy, and went for GOLD. I had to release any shame I had around charging for my gifts. When you’re selling your innate brilliance, you have to do things differently.

Once I got my head and heart sorted, I was able to:

  • earn my first $100K in 8 months (I know it sounds rah-rah, but it’s the truth).

  • fill my mastermind in 3 months with a list skinnier than a supermodel.

  • rock a $400K launch for my renowned online group program 7-Figure Divamind.

  • grow a 7-figure business within two years with a baby on my hip.

  • hit $3M million in revenue in 2019 while working part-time... heck, yes!

And my business continues to grow rapidly from a place of nourishment, not burnout. The more work I’ve done to shift from how the big boys have told me to build a profitable company to truly trusting my own heart and vision and allowing in the divine feminine, the more successful I’ve become. Not just financially but on a deep soul level. I’m no longer exhausted or disconnected or fearless. I run my business from the DIVINE {aka Diva}. I’m so blessed to be able to help my clients achieve similar success.

Trust me, you don’t have to stress your head out with crazy launches either.

You don’t have to run yourself into the ground.

You can do what you love, make big money, and spend your time the way you want, including enjoying more time with your family and loved ones.

In order to fully claim your financial sovereignty and take the throne of your online empire, you have to ascend into a new realm, diva.

If you’re prepared to do the work that’s required, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t achieve awe-inspiring results. Never undercut your value or question your worth. Remember that what you have to teach and share is GOLD.

Your work and contributions don’t belong on the sale rack, darling. You’re not bargain basement seconds: you’re couture!


The divine feminine must rise in your life and business if you want to build your empire without losing your lady mojo.

This is the HOLY GRAIL of money and influence. If you want to be an online superstar, you have to LEAD.

Moving from 6 to 7 figures requires a whole new way of doing business that’s streamlined, scalable, and sexy as all F#CK.

I work 3 days a week and have a team of 12 people who support me and a multimillion-dollar business with over 200 active students globally.

That’s how I roll. If I can do it, so can YOU.

Your soul wants you to FULLY express yourself. You want more, and you deserve it… and it’s going to come down to YOU.

Enroll now if you're ready to find clarity, so you can sell, serve, and shine like a rockstar diva!

E-learning is a US$325 billion industry.

Isn’t it time you claimed your divine piece of it?

Let that sink in for a moment, gorgeous…

You’re looking at a whopping $325 billion market that’s growing even while you’re picking your jaw off the floor.

Now is the ABSOLUTE BEST time to learn how to package up your brilliance, so you can sell and scale with ease.

Here’s why my clients are thriving and flush with cash...

My clients all have ONE thing in common: they’re aligned and visionary women on fire. Despite the fear and trauma they’ve experienced (as we all have), these women have decided to step into leadership, light, and their inherent and divine power to serve.

They’ve all made a conscious and powerful decision to shift and heal their own lives, so they can do the work they’re called to do.

They’re not waiting for permission.

They’ve leapt… and they’re reaping the benefits big time.

Now they’re paying it forward by sharing their gifts with their clients and community.

When you make a vow to uplevel, you get the support that’s needed—support that’s completely strategic and also deeply energetic, which ensures you thrive.

7-Figure Divamind

is the only mastermind for women that offers this level of support, strategy, and excellence.

That means you get exactly what you need each step of the way. It’s that simple and that powerful.

My clients shift from being best-kept secrets to online superstars within a matter of months, and I'm deeply honored to be part of their journey!

my clients have celebrated recently:

selling $997 packages every day

on an automated funnel like Emily and having consistent $40K months with more time for your family and the cash to move into a bigger home and buy a Tesla too.

selling 20 spots in your one-year group healing program in two weeks with $200K in new sales over six months like Henna.

making more money in a month than you currently do in a year like healer Joanne.

selling 11 spots in your mastermind with ease like Deepthi.

shifting from selling $300 packages to $10,500 packages like Lucy within 2 weeks of starting.

selling 4 x $8000 programs paid in FULL like Christina in 2 weeks and becoming a leader in divinity and astrology.

selling $42.5K in 6 days like yoga teacher and divine femme healer Devashti.

making more in your business in the first 2 months of working with Ingrid than in the previous 2 years like Nienke.

making $68K in 4 months and expanding to six figures in the next month like Molly.

reclaiming a potent knowing about your soul’s work and shifting from $80 sessions to a $6K day in 8 weeks like Cindy.

having consistent $50K months and buying a new house like Randina just did.

selling 13 spots at $11,500 each in your group program like Aiyahanah.


world class healer, miracle ambassador, and aligned business mentor

“Ingrid truly has the secret sauce to upleveling your business and bringing out the best in you and your vision. When I joined 7-Figure Divamind, I had no idea why my business wasn’t working. I felt really frustrated.

Ingrid's vortex really sets her apart from other coaches. Combined with her experience, strategies, stellar client care, and team of experts, she is positively impacting thousands of people around the world.

I’m now clearer than ever about my business and how to thrive and have given myself permission to allow my inner healer and coach to come forward. With Ingrid’s help, I now have my signature program and supporting products and more importantly the confidence to impact the lives of my clients and grow my business as much as I want.

I highly recommend hiring Ingrid and her incredible team to anyone who’s ready to seriously make shifts in the world and create abundance in their lives. Hiring Ingrid was one of the best business investments and decisions I’ve ever made.”


angel channel and healer

“I just did $50K on my first webinar!

Special thanks to Ingrid Arna. I love you, your divine work, and expertise so much, and I’m so happy to work with you! So much growth has happened since we joined forces, and it’s truly unbelievable. My connection to my healing power, my vision as an entrepreneur, and my growing tribe have been nothing short of illuminating and deeply rewarding. I’m doing the work I’m called to do on a whole new level.”


web designer

“I'm just not the same woman. I'm charging more, everything in my ENTIRE life is upgrading, and I feel more grounded in my vision. Friends, family, and clients are ALL noticing the change in me.

I also started to sell high-end offers after years of suffering from money shame and guilt. I'm so glad I leapt! If you're more inclined to excuses and drama, it might not be right for you. But if you're ready to be massively supported AND to rock your business like the divine diva you are, DO IT. Seriously.”


web designer

“I tripled the price of my offers and am booking new clients with ease now that I’m becoming a leader and owning the true value of the work I do and what I have to offer the world. I’m living more authentically from a place of deep connection and alignment with my truth.”


best-selling author

“Oprah talks about living your best life. Ingrid makes it happen! Ingrid is dynamic, clever, powerful, and generous. I really believe Ingrid isn’t just a divine money mentor but a spiritual messenger. Ingrid shows us how to value our clients deeply and honor ourselves in equal measure.

Her revenue acceleration strategy is about showing you how to give your clients the best service money can buy to ensure they are supported 100% to reach their dreams and goals. In return for such attention, quality, and service, Ingrid teaches us how to receive the abundance we deserve!

After a long period of burn out, I engaged Ingrid to shake up my abundance mindset. Ingrid was able to laser in on my business and show me how to implement a revenue model that could yield multi-six to seven figures, working part time. Her process is illuminating, and it goes way beyond making more money—it travels into the heart of what everyone wants: love, joy, connection, radiance, and freedom for ourselves and for our clients. Since our time together, I’ve gone on to launch my new coaching school, Harmonizing Academy, to great success. I’m eternally grateful.”


sacred sexual empowerment and body confidence leader

“I went from struggling to selling high-end offers on repeat. I’m now consistently selling $5K and $10K packages.

Ingrid’s depth of knowledge of the human psyche is profound. She deeply understands healing and transformation from having walked a path from trauma to liberation and empowerment herself. Ingrid’s work mixes real-life emotional wisdom with practical and magnetic branding, marketing, and sales strategy—she embodies and teaches a potent and effective combination of pure magic and pure business. She breaks down the mystery and shows you the blueprint for success in a step-by-step, empowering way.

Ingrid’s teachings have changed how I perceive my value and drastically expanded my vision of how I can serve the world with my unique knowledge and experience. I feel blessed to be learning the ropes of my business ascension with her. To me, Ingrid is the most compelling business coach of our time.”


online strategist

“I knew I wanted to work with Ingrid from the first consult I had with her. Within minutes of our first session, she was hard at work mapping out a business plan for me to bring in immediate money. I jumped right in with her. If she believed I could hit over $300K, well I had better get on board quick! Within 5 days of this first session, I closed my two highest paying contracts ever at 45% more than I'd ever charged before!

I can't say enough good things about her, but if I had to choose just 3 words they would be: Best. Coach. EVER.”


author, spiritual teacher and leader

“After seeing her interview one of her clients, I wanted to work with Ingrid no matter what.

Within two weeks of my first session with Ingrid, I sold 11 high-ticket spots in my one-year immersion and made more than my previous year’s salary. I’m blown away by her love and mastery.

With Ingrid, I created the foundation of my life's work. And now, after a few more weeks of deep purification and re-alignment following such a huge initial shift, the rapid ascension is being passed onto my students.

Ingrid has helped me to release my money karma and really appreciate my innate gifts, level of service, and soul wisdom. I was also able to come face to face with the deepest shadow sides of my consciousness and habits and release them, and I now stand more firmly in my light, power, and love—and just serve. Working with Ingrid has been a deep spiritual dive and process of ascension.

The power of Ingrid’s work is beyond words: just being in the vortex of her fierce, activating energy, which leaves no room for hesitation, feeling small, or being afraid of your own power, takes you immediately to first class both energetically and strategically! She really sees you.

Also her deep compassion and dedication towards making this world a better place through empowering women are very important for me. She embodies the femme power role model of the new era.”


their video stories here:

‘I started selling more and making
more money than ever.’

Iris, womb wellness expert and birth worker

“Working with Ingrid, I’ve also made more money than I ever thought I was capable of. I’ve just purchased my first car and my relationships, both business and personal continue to flourish. Ingrid overdelivers in everything that she says and does, and that is her power. This is not just your average business training. This is a training created by a woman who GETS IT. I’ve never felt more purposeful, needed, rich, and supported than I have in 7-Figure Diva. It changed my life completely! In the best imaginable way! Thank you, Ingrid!”

‘I went from earning €20K in ONE YEAR
to €70K in 7 WEEKS.’

Nienke, adrenal health expert

“I’m up to about $120K this year without a funnel or webinar. I just rented an amazing office space! With my new income I could decorate it however I wanted. I even bought some artwork. And I know even more money is coming in!

Thank you, Ingrid! I feel like a whole new person compared to 18 months ago. And it just keeps going. Since I started working with you not a week has gone by without a sale. I can’t wait to go next level.”

investment I have ever made in my life.’

Kate, celebrity psychic

“When I first came across Ingrid, I had a successful business, but I still knew something was missing.

I knew deeply and instantly when I found Ingrid online that she was the woman who would change my business. What I didn’t know was that she would, in fact, transform my entire life.

By implementing her business strategy, which is incredibly effective and works beyond your wildest dreams, I sold out my online offers. I now have a waitlist and had my biggest month selling my group program during the pandemic.

The real difference between Ingrid and other business coaches though isn’t just her business strategy: Ingrid offers the energetic missing piece to the puzzle.

The most valuable and life-changing support she gave me is belief in myself, as she led me down the path to fully knowing that I’m entitled to success.

Men seem to be born with that sense of entitlement, but we’re not!

The investment I made with Ingrid was tripled within three weeks. It’s the best investment I have ever made in my life.

You’ll become phenomenally successful working in a business that is aligned with your authenticity and soul purpose. The value of what Ingrid offers truly is millions and millions. Ingrid is not just affecting the people she works with directly; she is changing thousands and thousands of people’s lives.”

$110K while working part time

$200K in 2 weeks

$50K is coming

More income in 2 weeks than the previous quarter

$22K in sales in 1 month

$25K paid in full

$12K in 1 week

$150K package sold thanks to 7-Figure Diva

$26K in 6 weeks... without a funnel or ads

$29.5K in 3 weeks

And that’s just the money stuff.

  • My clients have launched retreats.

  • I’ve seen marriages saved and health restored. Others have raised their psychic and intuitive powers to a whole new level.

  • They’ve healed karmic trauma and set themselves FREE.

  • They’re getting booked on TV, becoming best-selling authors and having great sex again :-)

  • Their opt-ins are pumping with leads as they own their worth and speak their truth without shame.

  • Their Facebook campaigns are powering along.

  • They’re scoring speaking gigs, and they’re serving their clients with unstoppable mojo!



will only truly change the course of history when we allow ourselves to rise up financially. Otherwise, we will always be someone else’s property. It’s time for a shift in financial and social power.

This is the story of how the original

CEO Diva

took back her [Prada] purse strings from the patriarchy and claimed the throne of her

$3M+ online empire.


Where visionary entrepreneurs create conscious wealth and global impact.

Ingrid Arna is the founder and CEO of The Ingrid Arna Company and the creator of the Gucci of online business programs, 7-Figure Divamind. Ingrid Arna and her company are leading the charge in teaching conscious capitalism and building leaders who are devoted to global healing. The return is massive impact and million dollar brands that give back.

Since becoming a mother, the only resolution Ingrid has stuck to is swapping G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees. She’s never been happier.